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Syntax [crayon-5c6ab323d3def640472317/]   [crayon-5c6ab323d3df9536328932/] Note: the code from above is no longer necessary in C++14, the compiler will deduce the return type.   Usage / Usability Capture list [] take none of the variables from the enclosing scope [&] take all the variables from the enclosing scope by reference [=] […]

General features: lambda expressions

Syntax [crayon-5c6ab323d43b5397593270/] Usage / Usability Type deduction happens at compile time Auto ignores references and const/volatile Hard to write [crayon-5c6ab323d43c2975700526/]   Hard to know [crayon-5c6ab323d43c9957759618/] PROS No more uninitialized variables, no more hidden bugs [crayon-5c6ab323d43ce443813058/] avoid problems related to “type shortcuts” [crayon-5c6ab323d43d4771815497/] std::vector<int>::size_type is specified to be an unsigned integral […]

General features: Auto specifier