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Syntax [crayon-5daf006762e6e794750921/] Starting with C++11, a constructor can call another constructor of the same class. Delegating constructors cannot be recursive. Delegate in cases where the delegation makes sense eg. multiple constructors need to call the same function (checks, init etc.). For member initialization, use the in-class member initializer feature instead. […]

Classes: Delegating constructors

Syntax [crayon-5daf006763e14019165735/] Usage / Usability Type aliases are similar to typedefs, however, have the advantage of working with templates. This Is only possible with the using directive. [crayon-5daf006763e1c906856816/]   [crayon-5daf006763e21337131568/]   Quiz – Which of the following will compile? [crayon-5daf006763e24753606402/]

General features: Type alias (Using directive)

Syntax [crayon-5daf006764200429174723/] Default can be applied only on compiler-generated functions, while delete can be used on any function signature.   [crayon-5daf006764208485226555/] There are two special cases in the world of pointers. One is void* pointers, because there is no way to dereference them, to increment or decrement them, etc. The […]

Classes: Default / delete