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Syntax [crayon-5dab1239b47df865467833/] The purpose of raw string literals is to no longer have the need to escape characters such as \ ? ” by using another slash before that character (eg. \\ \? \”) PROS Code is clearer CONS The syntax is not very friendly: R”(example)”   Paranthesis? Why we […]

Miscellaneous: Raw string literals

Syntax Defined in header <array> [crayon-5dab1239b4ac7411800986/] Usage / Usability std::array is a container that encapsulates fixed size arrays. Element access at – access specified element with bounds checking operator[] – access specified element front – access the first element back – access the last element data – direct access to the […]

STL Containers: Array

Hello guys, CppEurope has just ended and I wanted to share with you the videos and presentations. The videos are available in the following youtube channel: The presentations can be seen in the following link:   My favorite presentation was the one from Jose Garcia, in which he talked about […]

CPPEurope 2018