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Syntax [crayon-5dab10efc4a7f054552568/] Usage / Usability This feature is introduced mainly to take care of the pitfalls generated by using the (infamous and nasty) NULL macro. NULL is nothing but a preprocessor expanding to 0 at compile time and this expansion often leads to ambiguity. [crayon-5dab10efc4a87624964281/] Given the following functions, how […]

General features: nullptr

Definition – unordered set / multiset [crayon-5dab10efc4fc9157636180/] Definition – unordered map / multimap [crayon-5dab10efc4fd1625735292/] Syntax [crayon-5dab10efc4fd6566941792/] Internally, the elements are not sorted in any particular order, but organized into buckets. Which bucket an element is placed into depends entirely on the hash of its value. This allows fast access to […]

STL Containers: Unordered containers

CPPEurope 2019 is almost here, and I’m excited to be there next year too! Make sure you follow their website and buy the tickets when they will be available. Feel free to also check my post about last year’s con. See you there!

CPPEurope 2019