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lightning talk
Paranthesis [crayon-5d0b415f0b6ef794344517/] Returning non-bools [crayon-5d0b415f0b6fe688762578/] Returning bools [crayon-5d0b415f0b703322284291/] Reusing data Similar behavior in if/else branches [crayon-5d0b415f0b707480856621/] Similar behavior in if/else branches [crayon-5d0b415f0b70b758673846/] Same behavior on both branches – move it outside the branches. [crayon-5d0b415f0b70f917896059/] Condition that appears on all steps – Check it only once. [crayon-5d0b415f0b713341291153/]

Lightning talk #6 – Refactoring steps

Definition [crayon-5d0b415f0c943881873243/] Fills the range [first, last) with sequentially increasing values, starting with value and repetitively evaluating ++value.   Syntax [crayon-5d0b415f0c94d481936128/] But now let’s create a custom incrementable class. Iota is working with a T type, so we only need to overload the ++ operator. [crayon-5d0b415f0c952877582492/] So what do we have here? I’ve added a […]

std::iota and custom incrementable