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Syntax [crayon-5daf002ebc35b571988385/]   Tuples and data fetching Tuples are suggested for returning multiple values from a function. They are in a strong relation with std::tie, which is used for retrieving the values. The only problem is that we have to have all those variables previously declared. [crayon-5daf002ebc365037044294/] But what if […]

Language feature: Structured binding

Syntax [crayon-5daf002ebc82d078548742/] std::quoted was added in C++14 and it is used to take care of escaping quotes and backslashes in output streams, and unescaping them in input streams. This is handy for example if we want to use it in an SQL statement, in both ways (either add the escaping, […]

std::quoted and the “friendly” delimiters