Syntax [crayon-5daf00624b015394939365/] std::quoted was added in C++14 and it is used to take care of escaping quotes and backslashes in output streams, and unescaping them in input streams. This is handy for example if we want to use it in an SQL statement, in both ways (either add the escaping, […]

std::quoted and the “friendly” delimiters

Definition [crayon-5daf00624c47a146243857/] Fills the range [first, last) with sequentially increasing values, starting with value and repetitively evaluating ++value.   Syntax [crayon-5daf00624c483101503922/] But now let’s create a custom incrementable class. Iota is working with a T type, so we only need to overload the ++ operator. [crayon-5daf00624c487875159415/] So what do we have here? I’ve added a […]

std::iota and custom incrementable

Angle brackets Two consecutive right angle brackets must be separated by whitespace: [crayon-5daf00624c86a707752389/] Binary literals [crayon-5daf00624c872294641432/] Deprecated  attributes [crayon-5daf00624c876369921489/] Single quotation mark as separator The literals 1.602’176’565 and 1.602176565 have the same value. Unrestricted unions In Standard C++ there are restrictions on what types of objects can be members of […]

Miscellaneous: Small changes