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CPPEurope 2019 is almost here, and I’m excited to be there next year too! Make sure you follow their website and buy the tickets when they will be available. Feel free to also check my post about last year’s con. See you there!

CPPEurope 2019

Hello guys, CppEurope has just ended and I wanted to share with you the videos and presentations. The videos are available in the following youtube channel: The presentations can be seen in the following link:   My favorite presentation was the one from Jose Garcia, in which he talked about […]

CPPEurope 2018

Hello all, I’ll be back with some more code snippets, but for now I would like to share with you a website I have saved long time ago. Please have a look if you are interested in some C++ idioms. Regards, Robert

C++ Idioms

Hello everyone, I would like to share with you all the right-left rule. (Or the Clockwise/Spiral rule). Copyright goes to their respective owners, Jack Purdum and David Anderson. There is a simple rule to understand non-trivial declaration in C / C++, such as the following: char *ps[3][4]; //  ps is an […]

Right-left rule