(Non-Technical) Knowledge – Less is more

Knowledge – Less is more

What do I mean by ‘less is more’ ?
I’ll explain in a second, but first, let’s have a flashback in the past.
Fresh graduate, no job experience, finally receiving that offer that you’ve been waiting for. They want to hire you! Maybe it was a long shot, but maybe they believed in you. You go in the office, you meet the team, you’ve received your PC/Cubicle. This is it, the moment you’ve been waiting for, you can now say that you’re a real programmer – You earn money by doing what you like; It’s a dream come true.

First bug fixed, first feature implemented, you tell to yourself: I’m getting really good at this. You learn a few things now and then, but most of your knowledge comes from school. Fast-forwarding a year later, you think to yourself: That’s it, i’ve mastered programming. I know everything. And then, a random bug appears. You have no idea how to fix it, but maybe you can talk with your team – you’ve got some brilliant minds here, for sure they can help. The senior comes and takes a look, adds a virtual, and it works – polymorphism 101.
What is this magic ? I thought i knew programming, you think to yourself.
And that was the point in which you learned that you know nothing. That bridge had to be passed at some point, and now you passed it.
Are you a bad programmer? But this was your dream. What are you going to do now?
The desire to learn is still there, you just needed something to ignite it back – So you start learning. Read books, watch videos, experiment with the code – anything you can in order to improve.

Back to the present, you’re where you wanted to be. Not at the top of the chain, but somewhere in between.
You have the knowledge and experience over the juniors in your team, but you know one thing: You know nothing. After all these years, you still know nothing.
There are top programmers in your field, experts in a particular programming language, and you’re a grain of sand in the desert. But you can mentor those juniors. You can continue to improve. Nothing comes easy, because things that matter are not easy to get.

If you want to be a good programmer, you need to learn more, and more. You need to continously improve yourself, and in doing so, you realise how much you still don’t know, how much you need to learn. The only thing that remains constant is the change itself, so you need to be prepared, because the change will eventually come.
Therefore, in order to become someone in this field, to be recognized for your work, to be the person you wanted to be since you were a child, you must strive for excellence, not for mediocrity. Don’t become comfortable, don’t settle for an easy life. If this is your job, if you stay here 8 hours a day, at least make something good out of it. Become the best version of yourself, don’t let the time pass you by. The target is to read and to learn as much as possible, in order to realize how much you still have to learn, and how little you actually know. You must work hard for your dream.Your target is there, and if you want to reach it, you need to remember one thing: less is good. Less is more.

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