This year’s challenge

As much as you’d expected a technical post, we’re all humans after all, and i’d like to share some things with you all.
For the last year and a few months, I’ve worked on writing this technical book – and i’m still allocating a few hours each week for it.

I’ve set a strict deadline for release by end of the year – this will be this year’s challenge.
I want you to know that i’m doing this for you – for the programmers of tomorrow. (and a little bit for me too).

They say that the best you learn is through teaching others – And i somehow agree with that quote.
I cannot come here stating that I know everything – I know some stuff, but i still have long way to go.
Now, before putting it on paper, i have to prepare myself as well. The least we’d want is a book filled with lies.
Therefore, i’m learning a lot from it too – I’m a reader of my own book as well. I know what you want to read, and what you want to skip.

People say that you have to change your state of mind, and to consider yourself an author, even if you haven’t officially released the book yet. So there it is – I’m an author now. And I’m sure the first book will be a success.

There are many things that i’ve discovered when writing, but the most important is the following:
Writing content is hard. Writing quality content is tenfold harder.
The good thing is that i’m progressing with it and i’m happy with the state it’s in.

I have a much bigger respect for authors now. Writing 200 pages takes you months of writing, sketching, erasing, and so on. So if you know some books that have helped you one way or another – buy them out of respect for the hard work the author put in for you and all the others.

10$ ain’t much – but if we put all the money together, the author will consider writing another quality book for everyone.
So don’t take that away from him. And definitely don’t take that away from you!

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