Work from home thoughts – Day 1

First day of remote work due to Covid events.
I’m prepared to work, but first..let’s get some coffee. It’s not really required, since I’m a morning person, but let’s keep the ritual up.
I bought in advance different flavors of instant coffee, just for this – but I still need to boil some water, I don’t have the luxury that I had at work.

All good, let’s setup the laptop. I grab my USB-C cable, remove it from my home laptop, and..wait, I don’t have USB-C on the work one?
Great start. But I also have an HDMI cable, so let’s connect that one.
Why is the mouse/keyboard not functional? They are connected in the monitor..oh yeah, HDMI don’t work that way. Wish I had USB-C now…
Time to disconnect the mouse from the monitor and connect it to the laptop.

Ok, let’s set up some ground rules for the team – I need to make sure they don’t get discouraged by this fast transition to WFH.
Daily scrum -> moved online
Chat -> No chat? Ok, the team is fine with discord, let’s make a channel for our daily conversations.

First things first, where’s my notebook? Ah, here it is. Time to write what I want to accomplish today.

Now I can finally start wor…what’s that sound? my neighbor started drilling..something.
I can’t even hear my thoughts – time to make another coffee, maybe he’ll stop soon.

Oh, someone needs my assistance, awesome. But let’s not annoy all the coworkers, let’s create a new channel for it, that’s why we have discord.
Oh, no, they are in the new channel as well. Let’s change the channel restrictions, create a new role for that and..voila. 10 minutes wasted instead of a 10 seconds group message – but now we can screen share with Discord, no need for Webex.
Great, I can see everything now. Works wonders. Wait, no, I can’t see a thing now. Are you on WiFi? Does discord limit to less than 720p ? I can barely read those logs.
Next time we’ll go with Webex actually.

I guess i forgot to eat. It’s 2 PM and i haven’t moved much from the chair. Let’s take a small break and grab something to eat.

4 PM – Let’s close the background noise from the TV, and tell my girlfriend to be quiet for a bit as I’m about to join an important meeting.
I join the Webex, unmute my headphones, and I say hi to the managers – right when my girlfriend’s phone starts ringing. Courier just arrived, to deliver something.

5 PM – end of day. Close the laptop, time to write this feedback.

– I feel good, it was a productive day – Most of my to-dos were done.

Not OK:
– some external distractions (neighbor, phone, cat, my girlfriend constantly speaking)
– some things not working (but manageable, for the first day)
– skipped lunch, barely moved

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