Work from home thoughts – Week 1

And today I’ve finished the first full work from home week.

In comparison with working from the office, I feel that I get more work done, but in expense of trading my lunch time (I’ve skipped lunch all week apparently) – thus today I’ve purposely scrolled Facebook during lunch, to get my mind off work for a bit.

Although it’s so easy to open the laptop and just “be” at work in a few seconds, i miss the travel. Weird, right? It does make sense, combined with this virus, since i don’t really go outside anymore.

My watch/phone is probably wondering why I no longer do 8-9k steps a day.

Is the commute a wasted time? Intriguing, I mean, yes, but that time was spent listening to music, replying to some mails, and exercising my German by reading stuff. By the time i got to work, I’ve already accomplished something, so the coffee was the prize. Now i need to remind myself to practice German – but it’s much easier, just need to ignore the laptop for 10 minutes and open the notebook – which doesn’t feel right, at work (nor I have my notebook with me there).

At home, we’re all used to do non-work activities, such as watching YouTube or scrolling through Facebook – which could be a reason why some people tend to slack off at home.  Luckily, I don’t take much interest into that, so i usually focus on the work activities – but for some people, this could be a problem.

Other than that, the opinion stands that I work better from home – I stay focused longer, due to not many changes in the environment (not much background noise, people wandering around the desks, coffee breaks, lunch breaks, something-sweet-after-lunch break, and so on) – but this leads to me losing track of time and working longer than 8 hours a day.

However, it’s so great to do the disconnect (and switch in an instant).

Socializing? Mhm, yes, that’s a bit of a problem. I can see why people prefer to be in the office – it may get lonely after a while. For extended periods of time, I’m sure this is fixed by going in coffee shops and working from there.

As you can see, I’m in favor of working from home, and I’ve been a fan before this situation.

Now, everyone got a taste of it – although it was quite a big change over night.

I’m curious how things will evolve with WFH once the pandemic is over.



  • more work done
  • no commute, easy switch home-work-home


  • steps/day took a hit
  • commute time was used for other activities, need to re plan them
  • WFH can mean more slack off

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