About me

C++ Coding, Design patterns, Data structures & Algorithms

My story

My name is Robert Badea and I am from Bucharest, Romania. I am a team leader by role and a programmer by heart, I’ve worked in both small companies and large corporations, and I’ve always been in love with coding. I care about the quality of the code, I’m always eager to learn new technologies and I’m actively involved in training and mentoring my colleagues.

I’ve always been passionate about technology, and the fact that I had a personal computer has greatly helped. I still remember the days I was a young kid (4-5 years) and was sitting with my dad in front of the computer, I remember all the pieces of technology I’ve destroyed by trying to learn how they work, and all the days I’ve been skipping classes to go to the computer lab and be near computers.

As hobbies, I enjoy playing table tennis, practicing / improving my German skills, and running (although I’m not very good at it).

The blog’s purpose

The reason I started the blog was to share information with my readers. As much as I’d like for the blog to be successful and be read by many people, I am happy if there’s even only one person that’s reading it and learn something new from it.

Most of the blog posts are related to C++, the language that I grew up with, and that I’ve been a fan for so long, due to its flexibility (and complexity).

“I’ve always wanted to read more, to learn more, to know more, therefore continuous improvement are the best words that can describe me.”